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The university all stars program aims to shorten the gap between university esports and a professional environment, allowing the best from every university to compete in a pro setting and allowing them to play for their region, alongside their university.

Season 1 will be the testing ground for this program as it allows us to iron out certain flaws, as everything does, and to create the perfect environment for students to compete. Another main goal for this program is to allow more players from 4 separate regions to compete in a proper LAN format that they otherwise would not be possible.

The entire program is to allow students, even those who are not competing, to gain more experience in esports and the behind-the-scenes  work that goes into making a project of this scale possible. Positions ranging from social media to stream production allow students to learn new skills and to experience the more technical side of an esports project.

The Season 2 Finals are being discussed and planned, it is unknown as of yet that Season 2 Finals will be on LAN.



Round Robin Format

The round robin format allows for every team to play against one another before playoffs. Allowing teams to gain posts through wins.

10 teams will enter the regular season with only the top 4 going to our double-elimination bracket for finals.

Top 4 LAN

The final LAN event will take place over a period of two days. Alongside this also being double elimination, allowing teams to gain more experience in a potential LAN environment to progress forwards within the esports world. Which before was not possible for players from multiple regions.

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