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What about the NUEL / NSE programs?

   The NUEL (National University Esports League) and NSE (National Student Esports) programs are amazing in their own ways, allowing students to compete for their universities. The University All Stars program is not intended to overtake or replace either of these programs, but filling in a gap for a more competitive environment and a more professional format.

How do we enter?

   Below is a contact form (and our email address) that must be sent by the head of your esports society leader, or have the contact information included to contact them. This can be any member of the society that has a leadership position in order to recommend you. This is what makes this program unique as we want to have the best from each university be represented at the highest level of university Rainbow Six: Siege.

How do I get in contact?

   This can be either to do with our volunteer job positions or player queries. At the bottom of this page there are many ways of contacting us and different forms to fill out depending on what you want to get in contact with us about. If your option is not there, you can always email us at

When will it begin?

   The university all stars program is set to start again March 22nd, this is if all plans go as we think and if there are no delays with recruitment.

How is it different to NUEL / NSE?

   This program is meant to bring out the best player (or two) from every university to play for your region, and to play for the best region in the United Kingdom. Whereas NUEL / NSE restricts you to singular universities. We push students out of their comfort zone by mixing them with other talented individuals who they may not know and to simulate a more professional environment in doing so.

Where do we get updates?

   All updates will be given both on our twitter (@UniAllStars) and on our news page. Articles will be written regularly with updates about the league, and you can always msg us on our discord and on twitter.

Who is participating?

   Every player in the program will be a student from Wales, Scotland and England (Ireland potentially in season 2). All staff are also members of a university to allow for a similar age range in addition to allowing them to grow their skillset and to connect with other likeminded university students here in the UK.

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