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Round Robin System

A round robin system allows for every team to play against one another once every season. They will slowly gain points through wins & draws (+3 Win, +1 Draw). The reasoning for this is a fair and simple way for every team to have a fair chance of gaining their points, it also makes seeding for the playoffs more clear for those viewing and playing in the program.

Double Elimination Playoffs

The program will initially have 10 teams, which will be broken down into the top 6 once the season has come to an end. All matches in the playoffs will be a BO3 (Best of 3) instead of the usual season BO1.
A double elimination bracket allows for teams to fight for their chance in the LAN finals and for a higher seed in the finals. The team who hasn't lost a matchup in the finals will be put in a one map advantage in a BO5 final.

Double Elimination LAN

The finals would be hosted at Roehampton Universities Esports Center, allowing for social distancing and to adhere to new government guidelines, unless the situation progresses. The Semi-Finals / Finals will be held in a double elimination bracket to allow for more competition and like the playoffs, the undefeated team will advance to the finals with a one map lead.

All matches (bar the Grand final) will be a BO3, with the Grand Final being a BO5.

LAN events will begin in Season 2.