LAN & COVID-19   

COVID-19 Rules & Regulations

The UK government has implicated guidelines to insure safety of the public, however there is a maximum 6 person in a room rule. With the Roehampton Esports facilities, there are two competitive rooms which teams will be able to compete with social distancing being present. With a separate casting and production room being available to have the production team be separate from the players. A watch room will be available for the other two teams who are not competing at that time.

In the event that a LAN is cancelled, it will be rescheduled for Season 2 of the program.

LAN Possibilities

Even though Roehampton has the facilities to host a LAN event, it comes down to finances ultimately. If the University All Stars program has the opportunity to work with brands who can provide the support for an event such as this, then a LAN event will go forward, if support cannot be provided then it will be postponed to a later date.

How a LAN would work

In the event where support is provided to the program, then a schedule would be put into place to support players from around the country to attend the event. Players would arrive throughout the day with a presentation in the afternoon / evening. This would conclude with players having the chance to see the facilities Roehampton has to offer. The next day would have the semi-finals which would have the top 4 teams from the league, alongside the first lower-bracket match. The following day would have the upper-bracket finals, lower-bracket finals, alongside the grand finals.

Why start in Season 2?

Having a LAN event in Season 1 is pushing a bit far due to the current climate. By Season 2 we are hoping that the situation becomes more relaxed, however still useful and abiding by government guidelines. Roehampton University is currently not fit for hosting a LAN event due to risk of outbreak and exposure, which can be harmful to student. We appreciate your patience, only means more to wait for in Season 1.

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