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    LAN & COVID-19   

COVID-19 Rules & Regulations

The UK government has implicated guidelines to insure safety of the public, however there is a maximum 6 person in a room rule. With the Roehampton Esports facilities, there are two competitive rooms which teams will be able to compete with social distancing being present. With a separate casting and production room being available to have the production team be separate from the players. A watch room will be available for the other two teams who are not competing at that time.

In the event that a LAN is cancelled, it will be rescheduled for Season 2 of the program.

LAN Possibilities

LAN possibilities for Season 2 are currently being discussed.

How a LAN would work

In the event where support is provided to the program, then a schedule would be put into place to support players from around the country to attend the event. Players would arrive throughout the day with a presentation in the afternoon / evening. This would conclude with players having the chance to see the facilities. The next day would have the semi-finals which would have the top 4 teams from the league, alongside the first lower-bracket match. The following day would have the upper-bracket finals, lower-bracket finals, alongside the grand finals.